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InfiniteWP Review: BEWARE

DO NOT think about using InfiniteWP. I do not normally write product reviews but this one I feel needs to be written to save others the hassle that I have been through.

WordPress memory override not working

A lot of us on shared hosing may have used the following to override the default available memory for WordPress in our wp-config, …usually as a result of the ‘Fatal error: Allowed memory size of…’ error.

02 iPhone App mirrors level of service.

It has been a long time coming, but i was most pleased to day to check the appStore and noticed that there had been a new release from 02 (the exclusive iPhone carrier here in the UK) allowing you to monitor your minutes, bills and account from your phone.

Although a little overdue in my opinion it is still nice to see they have made the effort, …or so i thought.

5 Crucial WordPress security tips

Sometimes there are just so many tips, suggestions and plugins out there it can get a little overwhelming which ones work and which do more harm than good…

Accounting software for freelancers

Many times i am asked by ex students and friends starting out on the freelance route what software or system i use for my accounting and although my answer with a smile is always the same, Kashflow, i thought i’d better take advantage of my recommendations by finally offering an affiliate link.

Cross browser testing evolves

I make websites for companies of all shapes and sizes and of course a fundamental part of the development process is cross platform and cross browser testing. To achieve this i have always employed a selection of tools and techniques, and as there is a new one i am currently championing i thought it best to put some of this in writing.

Email settings phishing scam

It has come to my attention recently that there is a rather convincing email phishing scam going around. I saw it when with a client last week and it made me chuckle, but then today i have been alerted to it from one of my clients to whom i provide a mail service, so suddenly i chuckled less and thought i would make you all aware of it.

Essential Online Software

What follows is a roundup of what i consider to be the 3 most important apps/utilities that i am currently using that i just thought i would share with you.

Free Workshops

2 FREE Qantm workshops in April.

Google’s April Fools

Those funny not so evil ones at it again.

Gravity Forms automatic labels in fields that disappear and reappear upon focus/blur

Although Gravity Forms provides nice options and CSS control to make your form labels show top/left/right, there is no option to have the label display INSIDE the form field.

How To Backup Coda 2 Sites and Preferences in Dropbox

A step by step guide on how to setup your Coda and Coda 2 preferences and sites to backup automatically to your Dropbox account.

How to remove automatic payments from ebay – The secret guide

You can now no longer sell without auto payments on your account in the UK at least. I am pretty annoyed about this, however i still need to use eBay, so back it has to go.

iPhone Battery drains way too quickly – FIXED

I have an iPhone 4 and i am well aware that smart phones do not have as good battery life as the old Nokia bricks we were all used to, however having had iPhone Edge, 3G and now a 4, i am well aware of the battery life of my iPhone and actually found the […]

is_child() not working – Fixed

If your is_child() WordPress function has stopped working since 3.1, here is the fix.

I have a constant need to see what my clients can see on their screens because as we all know clients are not the best at always being able to explain what is wrong in technical terms, however i have never favoured tools such as LogMeIn due to the need to install and sign up to the service putting a stumbling block in the path of solving the problem quickly.

jQuery Tools

jQuery Tools is a collection of the most important user interface components for the web. These are tabs, accordions, tooltips, overlays and scrollables.

They can dramatically improve the usability and responsiveness of your site. They mainly focus on presenting information and visual appeal.

jQuery Tools: Stop Vimeo playing on overlay close

The problem is using the jQuery Tools library, specifically the ‘overlay’ functionality to load in Vimeo players onto an overlay. When the user closes the overlay the video keeps playing.

Mac User Magazine 2006

The following article is taken from the September 2006 Edition of Mac User Magazine and is in relation to my work as Technical Director of Shoot Experience.

mog in .Net security feature

Yes. it’s official, I have actually been cited as an ‘expert’ which those who know me may testify, i not a necessary addition to my burgeoning ego (self-confidence as i like to call it).

OSX: FLV turns my screen black

ow this one really had me stumped, I do a lot of video conversion and since upgrading to Snow Leopard every time i went to encode an FLV file my screen would go black, ..and i would have to reboot.

If like me you have many things open at once, a bit of a disaster and not very mac-behavior if you ask me. …now i have the solution

Sellers Beware

This may serve as a cause of amusement for you, it may serve as a stark warning as to the level of fraud still prevalent in eBay culture, or it may just provide a good laugh, ..either way i could not let this one go under the public radar.

Shopp Analytics conversion tracking for Google Checkout

Shopp, the fantastic commerce plugin for WordPress has one (ok a few, but one we are dealing with here) drawbacks, namely, if you client is using Google Adwords (or even if they aren’t and merely want to track conversions) there is no way to accurately track successful transactions as there is no guaranteed return page and the receipt page of a transaction can be viewed any time by the customer at a later stage, thus rendering its usage in this process defunct.

Shopp: Add Custom Shipping Carrier

How to add a custom shipping carrier to Shopp. A tutorial on how to add a shipping carrier to Shopp WordPress commerce plugin.

Snow Leopard upgrade issues: Gears, Quicktime Pro

Yesterday I took the leap (small jump actually) to Snow Leopard, Apples latest major OS release.

Stop WordPress loading JQuery in wp_head()

A problem i have been encountering a lot recently especially through my extensive use of jQuery Tools is being able to stop WordPress loading jQuery in in wp_head().

The Travesty of iPhone Tethering

I can tell you now, before you think this is nothing but a long rant leading nowhere, I am in fact writing this post from my garden, on my laptop, with wireless switched OFF.

Welcome back MPlayer …Extended.

MPlayer was ported from its origins as a Linux media player, it did everything VLC did, it rarely complained, it just did it. …however development for MPlayer stopped in 2005, and although i stuck with it for a while, by 2007 it lay dormant on my HD, a testament to times gone by.

WordPress functions file, the missing bits.

So often I am adding core missing functionality the to WordPress functions file that I finally made a template and it seems only nice to put it online and explain it.

WordPress permalink error resolved.

Just a quick post to let you know of a solution to a problem i have encountered twice now when developing on clients servers over which i have no real control.

WordPress Search By Multiple Categories

This is actually quite a surprisingly popular problem, how to modify the Wordpress search to search by multiple categories defined by the user.

WordPress Templates Stopped Working – Fixed

WordPress templates stopped working since 3.4, or for some reason you cannot see your templates in admin. Possible quick solution here …


XAMPP, MAMP, what are they and more importantly, which is best for me.

This site is not up to date. I really should take it down and make a new one as I have been busy with a lot of cool projects and clients recently, but currently do not have the time to rebuild it.

So, it stays here, but please note it has not been updated in a while and if you need to get in contact with me please just email me directly at or phone me on +44 (0)7960 214407.


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