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With my new office at Qantm comes a number of responsibilities, one of which is to teach a number of FREE workshops.

These are open to anyone who signs up, so why not tell you all about them below.

Click here to sign up for the courses.

Flash Video

This workshop aims to provide a full retrospect of video on the web, looking at how the market came to be in its current climate.
We will then look in depth into Flash Video, creation, implementation and deployment.

The workshop will then go on to look at some of the advanced functionality available through using open source players versus the Flash player.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • – Video deployment and the current market
  • – FLV: Embedded, Progressive & Streaming explained
  • – Creating and playing FLV’s on your machine
  • – Codecs, Compression and all of your other encoding questions answered
  • – Playback of FLV’s on the web
  • – SWFobject explained
  • – The FLV Player (Adobe v’s Open Source)
  • – Deploying your FLV’s on the web
  • – Advanced FLV functionality

This workshop would be most suited to those with web design skills of any standard wishing to further their skills into the deployment of video online.
Although this workshop will provide the means for those with advanced Flash, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript skills to take things further, it will also allow those with very minimal skills to gain a knowledge and understanding into this ever growing web requirement.

Requirements: Basic HTML knowledge (not essential), familiarity with current web design trends.

WordPress Now

This workshop aims to provide those new to web design, or with little or no web design skills at all, the ability to install, create and publish fully functional sites.
The workshop will ensure that everyone has the knowledge for basic deployment, whilst at the same time providing those with further skills the oppurtunity to forward their WordPress functionality.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • – What is WordPress and how is it useful to us
  • – Setting up and installing WordPress
  • – What can we do ‘out of the box’
  • – Using the admin interface
  • – The file structure explained
  • – Themes
  • – Customizing themes using CSS

Advanced Topics

  • – Customizing the themes using PHP
  • – Plugins explained
  • – Creating page templates
  • – Further advanced functionality (tailored to request)

Requirements: Basic HTML, CSS knowledge.
Advantages: If participants have access to a web server to allow install of WordPress during workshop then this would be a huge advantage. Server must have PHP/MySQL and 1 database available.

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