How to remove automatic payments from ebay – The secret guide


You can now no longer sell without auto payments on your account in the UK at least. I am pretty annoyed about this, however i still need to use eBay, so back it has to go.

However, ..there is no reason at all you cannot log into your Paypal account once you have listed your item and then remove the card or bank account you just added immediately after listing the item.

…which i am now going to do just out of principal.


That sounds like such a silly name for a blog post, but i kid you not, someone has to do it otherwise many of you risk the same fate as myself when it comes to your monthly ebay bill.

Picture 1

Ebay owns PayPal, we all know this, and since ebay bought paypal they have been encouraging sellers to sign up to their new ‘automatic payments’ whereby rather than sending you your ebay invoice at the end of the month, they simply automatically deduct the money from your card/bank account attached to your paypal account which is of course attached to your ebay account.

Now don’t get me wrong, i am not having a huge dig at ebay here, i understand the obvious decrease in administration with such a move, no longer chasing unpaid invoices, suspending accounts etc, ..no let PayPal, masters of screwing you over when you least expect it  deal with being heavy handed, chasing debats and generally continuing along their path as one of the more useful companies to hold the ‘devil you know‘ moniker in my eyes.


My ebay bill for the past few months has beenjust under £100, eBay sent me an invoice in July and i noted it, did not even see the automatic payment text (was it there or not, i am not going back to check) so as usual i left the email in my inbox to deal with in a few days.

Ok, a little home truth here i feel is required, …let’s let that few days turn into a few weeks, ..not more than 3 though :) and i get a letter from my bank informing me that an automatic paypal payment has been declined due to not enough funds.

Now hold on a minute, …i didn’t make a paypal payment !!.

Well it turns out i did, well eBay did on my behalf.

I was furious, it cost me a completely unnecessary £30 bank charges just because i had not moved money from a savings account to cover the fee i had not budgeted for.

This was not on, so i logged immedately into my ebay to remove the automatic payment method.

I went to My Ebay > Account ..and near the bottom of the page was the ‘Payment methods for Seller Fees’ box which allowed me to ‘change’ my automatic payment method. Well, change it i could, ..for an automatic debit, credit or paypal payment, ..but hold on a minute, NO OPTION TO REMOVE IT.

Well i won’t go into too much more unnecessary detail, you might guess like may others, i gave up at this point and went about my life, aware of a new evil, however when the next months bill came in, this time i allowed more than the money in my bank account to cover it, …and there it sat for 22 days !!

22 days after eBay invoiced me PayPal finally decided to take the payment. You guessed it, again i was a couple of pounds short, 3 weeks later i had forgotten about the money being reserved for eBay in my account, ..and went and stuck it in my van in petrol.

Now eBay would tell you that a) they only instruct paypal to take the money, they do not control them and b) it is my responsibility to watch my finances and maintain enough money.

I would tell them this a) if i instruct a company (whether i own it or not) to collect monies on my behalf, it is most certainly my responsibility and of utmost importance to my business and its reputation that they do so in a fair and honorable manner, and b) Invoices come with due dates, and automatic payment notifications come with debit dates.

I pay my broadband, phone, vodaphone card, electricity, water, gas, council tax, etc etc ALL by direct debit or standing order and THEY ALL tell me on my which on or around which date the money will be taken.

At this stage i of course got onto ebay, and only when on the phone did the agent tell me just how to remove the automatic payment option, which was so random and hidden that i feel i must share it for others to see.

So here it is.

Log into your ebay account and in the top right hand menu mouse over ‘HELP’ and then when it drops down ‘HELP TOPICS’.

Then type ‘automatic payments’ into the search box, and click on the top link as shown below.

Picture 3

Now scroll all the way to the bottom, …don’t stop or click on anything, they may look like the answer, but all links lead back to CHANGING your payment method, not stopping it from being automatic.

However there is one little paragraph at the bottom entitled ‘Removing a payment method from your account’ this has 3 links, ..the first is an easily overlooked ‘click here’ link, ..THIS IS THE ONE, THE HOLY GRAIL OF REMOVING THE AUTOMATIC PAYMENT METHOD.

Picture 4

I hope this has proved useful to you, it is worth mentioning that i requested eBay repay me half of my bank changes (£30) which they said they could not do (i guess this constituted admitting they were on the wrong), but they did agree to credit me £20 to my account for future purchases, which for once i thought was a fair compromise.

Happy eBaying.


I woke up this morning to find out that although i have removed ny automatic payment from eBay, it is not removed from PayPal and they will just continue to try and take the money. Literally, they tried to debit my bankaccount directly, refused, £30 charges incurred, …then immediately they tried to debit my card attached to my bank account, refused, £30 charges incurred!!

I spoke to ebay, they say they requested the automatic payments be removed so it is a paypal issue, paypal say, the automatic payment notification is still on my account, it is an ebay issue. That is it, i can get no further, and after 2 hours on the phone, £60 in bank charges i give up, …it is not worth my sanity or a new phone which is going to be the outcome if i spend anymore time on the phone to these idiots as i will simply hurl it against the wall.

You have to go into your paypal account > profile > Financial information > Pay list ..and then click onthe ebay automatic payment request, and CANCEL.

I am off to cnsole myself with food.

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  1. William says:

    Oh thank god you posted this, I accidentally enabled auto payments while trying to change my registered email address and immediately realized that this was a terrible mistake, so I have since been for so long trying completely remove this auto payment feature completely until I got here, thanks for the help!

  2. mog says:

    you saying that makes it worthwhile …my pleasure.

  3. Michael says:

    i have done the paypal bit but i have noticed you cant remove from ebay if you have an outstanding balance.

    Thank you for your guide

  4. mog says:

    If you have done the paypal bit then in theory they should not be able to re-connect to your bank account without your authorization, ..having said that i have heard times in the past when they have, ..but i think your probably safe. If you still worried then a phone call to ebay might remedy getting it removed, ..and, ..sorry to break it to you, ..but paying the bill first :)

    Glad you found it useful.

  5. rebecca says:

    hi, i was wondering if you knew how i could pay my selling fee on ebay?
    because it needs a credit card, which i dont have, neither do any family members, and also i have dial up therefore cannot recieve an automated phone call which can only be to a landline :(

  6. mog says:

    Check out this page: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/questions/selling-fees.html
    You can pay by direct pay, cheque, directly from your bank account.

    I think you should find something there that helps you.

  7. fivetwentyseven says:

    This has been a GODSEND. Thank you thank you. What a nightmare trying to get out of this.

  8. Anna says:

    hey I jus want to say how much trouble i had as well.. This is the second time ebay has takent fees from my paypal accout w.o asking I DO NOT however remember ever signing up for auto payment as I do now see an E-mail saying I am, maybe a way to cover there behind I dont know. I went to buy lunch one day knowing I had 5 dollars in my bank account for under that amount.. Then a couple days later checked to see that my balance (lucky i checked) was -40 something… I was horrified as I did not have anough to cover it at the moment and couldnt understand why it was – only to find ebay took 5.50 from my balance and 6 dollars from my account that only had $5!!.. When I called paypal they clearly this is an ebay issue… I borrowed money to cover the overdraft, sped to the bank then tried to get a hold of ebay ha the phone number I obtained from a GOOGLE search is 1888-749-3229 but dont bother w/that unless you know the secret of getting to a live person, maybe a “help me”, or a repeated no. key, but dont push zero or the robo woman will simply hang up. I always wondered if they knew that some people love what a website, or company can do for them but might cancle the service because of the unhelpful losers on the other line, if your lucky enough to speak to one… Im not mad because of this but the continueing problems I have w. shady occurences likes it, for instance before I went on vacation I tried to take out 100 out of my paypal account to take,, I accidentlly withdrew 100 from my bank account so I added it back figuring it would even out…. Well a nice phone call to the bank turned depressing when I found my account to be in the negative. Why is it that either ebay, paypal, or my bank decided to conveintly process the 2 transactions made in 2 minutes a couple days apart from each other so that oopsies a couple days ago you tried to take 100 a hundred out and 2 days later put it back in, wrong! I did it at the same time so whyyy are they being processed different days. I’m sorry for gettin so far into this but it seems like its always OUR fault and not the company, apparently the costumers always right has turned WRONG.

  9. mog says:

    :) …you sound like you have either just got off the phone to customer services, ..or possibly still are killing the time you are spending currently on hold and would rather not throw things so are channelling it into the comment box :)

    Glad to be oblige in saving your objects d’art from being hurled. Although personally i reccomend either breathing, slowly, ..or writing a well constructed letter the head office of paypal, ….(this is my new found relief from the stress of the situation, i take the 30 minutes or more i will spend on the phone to a clueless agent and use it to construct a letter that i physically mail to the heads of all of the rlelevent departments who details i can get my hands on).
    Or, ..you could just read about people who have had it far worse by clikcing on the logo below, ..but i warn you, it ain’t pretty on the other end of the scales.
    paypal sucks

  10. Ryan says:

    THANKS for posting this! I couldn’t figure out how to sell without setting up automatic payments so I thought it was required, now what a mess I’m in. I have a $200 bill that isn’t even due yet (amount owed says 0.00) but they still won’t let me remove my automatic payment. I logged into PayPal and deleted it there so we’ll see if that works. As soon as I pay (next month right before it’s late) I will remove my automatic payment method. Ebay should make it easier when you are setting up your seller account to just do one time payments.

  11. Danielle Averill says:

    BRAVO!! Very helpful information & so true. I really want to thank you for taking the time to write this. Ebay & Paypal are such an UNHOLY DYNAMIC DUO! Your review should be plastered on every sales, business & entrepeneurial forum on the net. I foten wonder if Ebay & Paypal are related to Plankton on Spongebob. After all, they both want to take over the world!

  12. Danielle Averill says:


    foten = often… I meant to say often.

  13. mog says:

    haha, .thanks :) …glad it helped. …i should write down more of my petty annoyances,. ..but then they might suddenly suspend my ebay account :)

  14. Dani says:

    Thank you for posting this :). Thanks to ebay and paypal (my bank doesnt really recognize paypal, so it charged me a fee of $38 each time it took money out my account), I owed my bank nearly $500. And not only this, but thier fees are rediculous. It says it charges about 49 cents or so (i dont remember exactly) to list an item for sell. I listed about 6 items, each sold on the first try, and some how my seller fees added up to $50?? <:l which of course, they took out of my account automatically.

    So I've just deleted my paypal account :) Hopefully that solves everything. Im not sure it will, considering ebay is made up of sneaky, greedy ass*****, and Im sure they will try to find some way around this. But hopefully it does, and if not, atleast Ive made it a little harder for them to take money out of my account, which satisfies me for now :)

  15. Shane says:

    Look, this is what just happened to me. Six months ago, I “deleted and changed” my old bank account attached to my Paypal account. THOUGHT THAT WAS IT! Anyway, six months later, Ebay made an Auto payment debit attempt with this old account and “I WAS SHOCKED” that the new bank account was not used! OK, so, I said, Aparently you have to make the same transfer of bank accounts, on Ebay’s site. So, after paying the $35.00 NSF fee at my “old bank”, I went back over to Ebay’s site and THEN CHANGED
    OVER ACCOUNTS! Thought this was it. A few days later, Ebay ran the debit through “again” at my old bank account, instead of using the Account I registered in it’s place! So, ANOTHER $35.00 NSF charged to me from the old bank account. And NOW, on top of this, an EXTRA $15.00 fee from Ebay! Plus the small
    auto fee amount that they should have taken from the newer account. Anyway, after talking with ebay, they
    OFFERED me a 25.00 coupon along with a 10.00 giff certificate and SAID they would NOT make any further attempts to debit my old account. Well, over nite, I was thinking so, the next morning, I called my old bank and asked them what I could do, short of closing the old account and they informed me that they could bar ebay from running any further debit attempt’s on that account. Further more, the bank told me that they would contact ebay and try to get an error report from them and would possibly refund, at least one, if not both, NSF charges made to me by my bank. Well, “AS YOU WOULD KNOW IT”, ebay sends me an email stating that I owe them 22.59 auto-fee plus the 15.00 service charge! Meanwhile, my new bank account registered with ebay, is still not debited. “It is my thought that they will probably NOT debit it because, if they were to, it would constitute an abillity to go to a re-registered account, WITHIN A PAY CYCLE! Thing is, nowhere does it state that one cannot re-register a bank account WITHIN a pay cycle! “THIS SHOULD DEFINATELY BE CLEARLY STATED BUT, IS NOT”!!! Anyway, I’m THROUGH with ebaY and for your info, I can’t seem to CANCEL the new bank account that’s registered with them. I did however, cancel the new bank account registered with Paypal. ANYONE know of a “sure-fire” way to CANCEL new bank account with ebaY, during billing cycle??

  16. mog says:

    Cancel it through your bank!! …don’t worry about ebay, phone your bank and have them cancel the standing order/direct debit, …then it doesn’t matter what ebay thinks, they can’t take any money.

  17. Shane says:

    Thank you, very much! I will do this right away.

  18. Shane says:

    “Well I’ll be damn”! There HAS been movement. “Unbelievable”! First, I didn’t, in fact, get around to Canceling new bank account from ebay. I think I was daring them to debit my new account. Anyway. My old bank REFUNDED the SECOND NSF debit ebay caused and some additional charges. Then, after just a few days, I DID notice that, “in fact”, ebay DID debit my new bank account. -.34! THAT’S ALL. So, I quickly ran to my ebay message box and THERE WAS A MESSAGE! In short it read; ” WE’VE LIFTED THE TEMPORARY HOLD ON YOUR ACCOUNT “. And they further said, “You can now go back to selling on ebay”. Woopty F—– Do! NO further charges also, aparently! Hope this is a lesson folks! HANG TOUGH! For ALL Corperations ultimately know where there bread is buttered! “Never think, for one minute, that one person can’t make a difference..

  19. takeit says:

    they removed it i cant find it anywhere anyone got the link

  20. Penny says:

    Thank you for posting this! It helped me figure out how to get around my own auto payment problem- i have a very important airline ticket to pay for next week and I just KNOW ebay will take their money the day before I pay for my ticket, leaving me short the money I need, and I won’t see my brother. And he’s more important than their monthly bill!

    They do seem to have changed it a little bit as takeit says, however if you go just do the little additional paypal thing you mention at the bottom (about the pay list) that seems to do the trick. I’ve just done it and they sent me an email to say no more payments will be taken by ebay in this method, and my seller dashboard says ‘automatic payment method- NONE.’ Of which I couldn’t be happier.

  21. Trevor says:

    This is great – though, you need auto payment to donate to charities.

    I’d like to point out that you can no longer do this through ebay but the paypal technique works (as Penny noted).

    It’s interesting that I was logged into both paypal and ebay sites then I canceled the auto payment in paypal and refreshed my ebay browser and lo _it already noted that I have no auto payments_ that’s milliseconds! Surely, ebay/paypal are one website from a server/infrastructure standpoint.

  22. mog says:

    Thanks for pointing up the new way of doing things, ..i haven’t updated this post in a while.
    With regards to whether eBay and PayPal are connected, ..well they are owned by the same company, …but without meaning to sound condescending, “yes, the web has an uncanny knack of being able to send information from one point to another in a matter of milliseconds”. :)

  23. Raquel says:

    does anyone have the link to the removing automatic payments. i cant find it in the 19 pages that show up.

  24. Laura-Jane says:

    thank you sooo much I have been stressing so much to try and sort out this problem and now it’s finally over. You are a genius and I love you =] hahahabut seriously thank you so much xxxxx

  25. mog says:

    aaw, ..thanks Laura :) ..you made a geek smile ;)

  26. Richard says:


  27. Hating Ebay says:

    Well it seems that without autopay you cannot sell on ebay now? but yea they got me for six months at 11.32 USD each time even though I was not selling anything nor did I have seller fee’s, they just debited my account for some free cash!

  28. mog says:

    It’s not true dude, …i am selling on eBay without auto-pay, …worst case scenario if you can’t figure out how to remove it from your ebay account, …just remove your payment method from your paypal account, …no payment method, ..no payment.

  29. Steph says:

    Thank you for posting this! You’ve saved me from dying from all the stress.

  30. Chris Ibsen says:


    I had a card I used for years with ebay (non automatic) but was cancelled due to fraud. Now when I try to sell they want me to sign up for automatic billing with a new card. Is there a way to sign up without automatic payments? If not can you use your method immediately to cancel automatic billing, even while your new listing is up?


  31. mog says:

    Hmm, ..not sure, ..i know i am not signed up with a card for selling and i just make one off payments, …perhaps yes, signup with the card, then remove it from the account. …personally i always make one off payments for my sellers fee, …but i have had the account setup with no change for a long long time.

    Sorry i couldn’t help more, ..am in Zanzibar right now so unable to research it further on this connection.

  32. Ebay Ninja ! dude even though we still gota pay a small fee 4 the privilege… you saved me from blaming my self and causing angst within my universe, u angle, thankyou deeply. this is the sorta shit we (humanity) need 2 be doing for each other, since were pitted against the evil which is capitalism, i LOVE abiding by rules, but I also love exercising god given rights even when it comes to things as trivial as money. my thesis is that paypal (and other money handling business ie. banks) … they dont need 2 charge us that little extra portion of cash, but they doit anyways, so they can keep pasting it on there ego sized business accounts and acquire more wealth, more legal freedom, and the influence to control trends and influences our unconscious, in negative ruthless money pending techniques. these teqniques of mastering consciousness have been held in secret and past down by the archtypes and masters of truth, who have become bitter and selfish of the Gods divine wishes / knowlages – to free mankind into his omnipotent mind of never fading love, light and wisdom of the true nature of reality, with him self and for others (the superconsciousness – the crown of chakras and a result of healthy innate life frame) . . . . . . Chant with me ………………………… OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE NAMAHA OM BRZEE and see money miracles happen all around the world x




  33. Nat says:

    Nothing will ever change with Ebay/PayPal if all you do is pay the fines and walk away!

    You have to complain! Speak to the FSO by whom they are regulated – taking money out of your account without notice is a breach of their rules. Every time the FSO are forced to investigate a complaint, they charge the company £300 odd so Ebay/PayPal will loose out financially. Only THEN will they change..

  34. Chris Ibsen says:

    Well looks like ebay now prevents anyone from removing automatic payments. I had to register my credit card to sell, was unable to remove it, sold my item, tried to pay the balance owed via paypal-which ebay prompts you to when trying to remove the automatic payment, it lets me sign in but wont initiate any payment and you end up back at the log in screen for paypal. I just want to pay it off and remove my card forever but I can’t. This method does not work anymore.

  35. mog says:

    if you find a way of doing it please post here, ..i do not have the time to check at the moment. Thanks.

  36. I have never had automatic payments taken from my account and have always paid on receipt of ebay invoice but today I have been stopped from listing an item for sale, message popped up, until I set up automatic payments!!!!!

  37. mog says:

    AMENDED ON 24th OCTOBER 2010

    You can now no longer sell without auto payments on your account in the UK at least. I am pretty annoyed about this, however i still need to use eBay, so back it has to go.

    However, ..there is no reason at all you cannot log into your Paypal account once you have listed your item and then remove the card or bank account you just added immediately after listing the item.

    …which i am now going to do just out of principal.


  38. bill says:

    Thank you mate ive just tried to list an item and got stopped in my tracks as i had to sign up to this auto payment method !!
    I agreed to it just to list my item and promptly followed the instructions to cancel it in both ebay and paypal !!!

  39. Melissa says:

    You can remove automatic payments. Just go to personal information under the account tab. Scroll down to were it says automatic payments and there should be a link to the right saying remove. Hope that helps. :)

  40. mog says:

    ..ooh, .. thank you for that one Melissa, …however when you want to sell something they will still make you add it right back again :)

  41. Shawn says:

    Sorry to be really noob but i am new to selling on ebay and using paypal. I filled out a direct debit form on paypal i think to setup a bank account which is in the process of being confirmed. Once this is confirmed does this mean the automatic payment will be setup automatically because i dont want this. I cant remember if i’ve setup the automatic payments or not please help on how i can check this!!

  42. mog says:

    Sorry busy day so i o not have the time to explain the ins and outs of it, ..but, your Paypal DD bank account connections is to deposit funds into your account.
    The auto payments we speak of here are in relation to having a credit/debit card attached to your paypal account which is in turn attached to your ebay account so ebay can auto-debit seller fees.
    I never wanted them to auto debit, i wanted to get sent an email with the bill and then choose from where and when to pay, ..this is what was removed.


  43. Shawn says:

    Ok thanks for your help so i should cancel the direct debit to paypal from my bank account if i want to avoid automatic payments? All i wanted to do was setup a bank account for the payments to go into.

  44. mog says:

    In which case leave the bank account attached to the PayPal account, …just follow Melissa’s advice above and remove the auto payments after listing something to avoid auto payment of fees.

  45. bill says:

    After cancelling with paypal and ebay remember to pay any fees before you try and list an item.Otherwise you will have to go through the same process again !

  46. Bill says:

    There’s no way around this now unless you cancel the auto payment everytime you list an item. Even if you want to revise your item your not allowed until you sign up for auto payment again !! I don’t know who is worse eBay or paypal *******

  47. mog says:

    Yup, ..this is now the case, ….as to which is worse, …they are one and the same, ..hence the cooperation between them to scr3w us ;)

    Having said that, ..and known for arguing both sides of a point, …from their perspective, what percentage of fees go unpaid and require countless emails and admin and processor time to chase sellers who advertise items, ..then close the account without paying any fees. …from a business point of view what they are doing make perfect sense, …it is just difficult for them to merge their 2 brands together as both are so established, …maybe if they change PayPals name to eBay Payments we might not feel so angry about having to connect our eBay payments account to our eBay sellers account, …as that makes sense right? :)

    …there are so sides to every story, ..and as we can no longer circumnavigate the problem (as this post was originally designed to aid) it seems this has become a place for people to vent about eBay (which is fine by me) ..but thought it was time someone added their 2 pence worth.

    Carry on people ;)

  48. Pete says:

    Ebay is great in many ways, and fairly charges for listings and a percentage for a sale. But ‘Automatic Monthly Billing’ is perpetrated by sheer greed (in my humble opinion), especially when its the honest people that get stung! It also doesn’t help matters when they tell you nothing about it until you’re billed!

    You’re fantastic for posting your thoughts online! Thank you so much!

    Happy New Year!

    Kind regards.

  49. Mark says:

    I tried to list items for sale today and was greeted with a mandatory requirement to sign up for these automatic payments. Out of principle, I will no longer be selling through eBay.

  50. Mario says:

    Ebay is nothing but a bunch of thieves. They will take % when you get paid by Paypal, and then after a month or so, when you forget what you sold, you’re gonna get a massive bill from Ebay. Just sold a camera lens for £360. Got £350 into Paypal. Then a month later I get invoive for $56 on top of that. These yank theives should be sued and go bankrupt

  51. mog says:

    Whilst it is annoying that eBay charge seller fees, they do run a business and i think you miss the point of this post which is the way in which they now insist on taking these fees under their terms.
    As for eBay itself, if you do not like the way they do business there are many many other way in which you can sell your goods and just not use them and save yourself the hassle.
    I think eBay is great, it is the free market (even if it is regulated and comes at a cost). And you are a free individual, so whilst I appreciate you are annoyed at fees, …would you have solde your camer for $296 anywhere else with such ease?
    Smile, go outside, breathe some air.

  52. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for this! I wish they would break down the invoice too so you could see why they’ve taken this money! SO confusing.

  53. Anon says:

    Relieved to know I am not the only one on the web to feel aggrieved.. I had to remove the link from within Paypal as I think ebay have changed the links within that page mentioned above.. good work Mogmachine :)

  54. Rachel says:

    Ebay want you to contact them now before they do it… But you can cancel it within Paypal!
    Loved this article :)

  55. JoeB says:

    So, I had an old bank account attached to Paypal which, when I got charged by Ebay, did not work as the account no longer exists. I have been using Greendot Moneypaks to add funds to my Paypal account to make purchases due to my overall distrust of banks. I recently have been selling on Ebay, hence the charge, and my question is, is there a way to pay my Ebay seller fees with the balence on currently on my Paypal account? It would seem like this would be a valid option as it would avoid overdraft bank fees and would, on paper, be easier for Ebay to collect as they own Paypal. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

  56. mog says:

    In theory yes, ..if you eBay account and PayPal are already connected then if you remove all funding sources like cards and bank accounts, then it will take money from your available balance if there is any.
    Having said that I have been 100% a consumer recently and not done much selling for about a year, .but this weekend will be going on a big christmas pre-sell, …so will update this article if i find out anything new :)

  57. nazu says:


    I’ve just removed the auto payments from both ebay and paypal. IS there anything else I need to do or is this stupid thing over and done with? Please reply asp and thank you very much for your help, your a star!

  58. mog says:

    assuming you do not happen to owe eBay lots of money you do not want to give them, …yes, ..but you could remove your card form PayPal, ..but of course if you use your paypal account for other things this is pretty annoying. I guess just login to eBay one more time and check your payment setting and make sure it is begging you to add auto payments ;) ..then you know they are off :)

  59. mog says:

    I just had a look, ..you can go to: My eBay > Account > Seller Account, and scroll down to “Payment methods for Seller Fees” and it will tell you if you have it setup, ..or let you make an one time payment ahead of time.

  60. nazu says:

    I don’t owe them anything and I’ve paid already paid everything that they asked for, I use paypal to pay for other things…

    This is what my ebay account says about my information. This ok?

    Financial Information

    Automatic Payment Method

    Update your automatic payment method.

  61. mz says:

    I had this problem a few months ago.
    I thought i would add £10 to my paypal account because there was one more item i had my eye on. That left me with with about £3.50 in my bank account. I used some of that to buy some food from McDonalds, which left me with about £1 in my bank account.
    While i was on paypal that evening, i noticed the £2 ebay fees which were shown, they were trying to take it out of my bank account!!! So i quickly decided to withdraw the £10 that was in my Paypal account, to cover it.
    I went to the supermarket just around the corner the night after, hoping to spend the £1 i had in the bank account on one last bit of food before i got paid. Oh the shock, £19 in the red. Then the other £10 just got swallowed up by the bank charges debt.
    Thanks to ebay not only was in debt, but also hungry.

    There’s absolutely no way that i gave ebay permission to take money out of bank account. It never did this before, it always took the fees from my paypal account. When i listed items prior to this, my paypal balance gradually went down from £6 to around £1. I assume that was them taking listing fees from my paypal balance. That £6 had been sat in there for months, before i listed those items on ebay, so it must have been. Not that they told me what the money had been taken for, no, it just disappears.
    So why go from taking it out of my paypal account one week, to taking directly from my bank account the next? I certainly didn’t change anything for them to do this, nor did i get any notice that they would be doing this.

    So in fear of them trying a second time and ending up with more bank charges, i removed my bank account and card details from paypal. There’s just no way i could afford for that to happen and just have money flying out of the window.
    A couple of weeks after i get a nice letter from a debt collection agency, saying that i owe £13 (ebay fees) and £8 dca charges on top. I was fairly worried at first, but after doing some research i found out that the dca wasn’t too much to get worried about.

    I finally re-added my bank details to my paypal account around two months after and paid the ebay fees via their website. But i got a letter from the dca the other week saying i still owe them their £8 fee. “If it isn’t in our hands by” such and such a date……i still haven’t paid.

    I found this website by searching because i’m worried it will happen again, i already had another bank charge a few weeks ago because of some subscription i signed up for (which i’m trying to cancel) tried to take take £13.50 out of my bank account instead of the 10.99 a month which it said on the tin.

    Although the problem is, i currently have items on ebay and removing the bank details from paypal and then re-adding them is such a hassel.

    (P.S. I knew no one really cares to read this and it’s quite boring, but anyway, there’s my story……………so far)

  62. Cerri says:

    some how i happen to miss the whole you ,musthave a automatic payment method thing as ive been happliy paying my seller fees by one time payments in ignorance i guess my account must not of updated,but back in january my account was hacked and part of the hackers fun and games was to turn on paypal auto payments,despite removing the auto payment numeropus times ebay and paypal removing it not one has been able to stop it and it just updates it self and turns itself on now when a payment is due the only thing i can think to do is remove my cards from paypal and cancel with the bank its a true nightmare,they have also told me untill next auto payment has come out which im disputing the amount of i cant make any changes to my payment methods so i cant even try your tip how is it for 2 years my fees have been paid regularly with no drama and the minute they force you into a auto payment method it all goes to pot

  63. mog says:

    My rule on all things like this is quite simple, ..NO Automatic Payments for ANYTHING, ..no direct debits, nothing, ..because the moment you authorise one of them, ..you are giving a free reign to your bank account, …so no matter what incentive they try to offer you, …avoid it :) ..and avoid the headache.

  64. Buyer and seller says:

    hi. thanks for this. this is such a bull poop! i had been an ebay member for a long time now and even tho i am not a constant seller, i have sold thousands worth of goods already which ebay had obviously made money off as well. they try to be big on their buyers protection, which is good because i am also a buyer but they seem to have forgotten about protecting their seller. i have just sold 3 pairs of premium jeans item number: 130645732497 (wishing they see this post) all jeans sold fast and just fine, i got 3 positive feedback from all, next thing you know one buyer contacts ebay regarding about the jeans i sold being broken which was not when i sold it. long story short i have appealed the case because i was forced by ebay to refund the money, after receiving back the jeans that i sold NOW BROKEN by the buyer, and as i appealed, the appeal was denied i have contacted them matter of fact i am on the phone right now and i am on hold for almost an hour now, i am so upset that i want to remove my account, this is a horrible company. they have a horrible customer service when if comes to these kind of issues, they will tell you they will enter the informations you provided them and will transfer you another agent that supposedly can help you, make you wait until you give up and hang up. well i did hang up my cell phone, but i am now calling again with my house number, i plan to stay online until someone answers, well see if this transfer is actually legit, i will hold as long as i can till and IF someone actually answers, and if not, i have decided on deleting my account. EBAY YOU SUCK!

  65. mog says:

    I might have to do something to remind people that the chances of eBay reading this are minimal, ..but we all need somewhere to vent when on hold, ..so not a problem.
    The issue is a retail issue of many years origin, but one that ebay brings a different perspective to the table:
    “The Customer Is Always Right” -Harry Gordon Selfridge championed this phrase in 1909, …but the problem is that eBay makes everyone the customer, both the buyer and seller, ..and as every mother with 2 children will tell you, …”you can’t both be right”, …and then usually swiftly followed by “Life’s not fair”.

    I know it sucks, and I feel your pain, but the world is full of dishonest people, and sometimes it takes the price of 3 jeans to realise this, …be thankful it is not as a good friend of mine experienced a few years ago, the price of an engine ($1100 / £750) ….that was a more painful lesson, …luckily he subscribes to the school of thought “what goes around comes around”.

    I know I haven’t fixed the problem, ..but maybe I made you feel a bit better.

  66. mz says:

    It’s me again :) (I posted a fairly long story a few posts above)

    I have just removed my bank and card details from paypal.

    I owe Ebay £22 in fees and at the beginning of the month i was informed that they were going to take the money out of my account between the 15th and 17th of March. I realised about a week ago that i wasn’t going to be able to afford to pay the fees at this time, so i decided to try and remove the automatic payments thingy from Ebay. No luck, it can’t be removed while i owe fees. So then i tried Paypal expecting to be able to remove the bank details from there, but i couldn’t because of something ‘pending’ unknown to me.
    I sent Ebay a message, briefly about my previous problems and the current one, that i couldn’t afford to pay the fees now, wouldn’t let me remove automatic payments, and it would just bounce. But they just said that they request the money from Paypal and then Paypal takes it out of my account, probably basically saying “it’s Paypal, not us”. The message wasn’t sympathetic in any way and didn’t offer me a solution to the problem.
    Oh yeah, and the link on the Ebay help page to remove automatic payments, has been changed since the screen shot above. There’s now a grey box where it was previously.

    Hopefully now that i’ve removed my bank and card details from Paypal everything will be ok.

  67. mog says:

    To be absolutely sure contact you bank and remove their ability to automatically debit your account. ..as it is also setup as essentially a direct debit with your bank ;) …then if they add it back without your authority (and there is a grey area in there ability to do this) ..you can make your bank refund any overdraft fees etc as you explicitly asked them to remove it ;)

  68. rh says:

    I agree totally with your initial issue with the auto payments. For me, I don’t care if it’s auto since I owe what I owe HOWEVER, it sure would be helpful if they auto paid it at a specific date and time so as a business person I can actually plan my budget. To have the window at a “sometime with a week” timeframe to randomly debit is insane and just plain a slap in the face to financial planning for a business. I can’t think of any other business that does this. It literally should be illegal. It just sets people up to pay extra bank fees. Maybe if a person was wealthy enough to always have a pile of money in a paypal account/bank/credit to let it sit there for a week waiting for the hammer to drop, but I’m just an average Joe with tight profit margins, who God forbid it, actually would like to be on a fixed schedule with bills. Thanks for the article – shows up #1 in a google search. At least we can vent since we’re powerless to actually do anything about it other than find constantly changing loopholes to avoid it.

  69. rh says:

    oh and another thing if ebay is so worried about us paying the bill, they could just go after the money if you haven’t paid it by the due date, but wait that would be how a business trying to keep customers would do it in a competitive landscape, not like the ebay/paypal monopoly where consumers become slaves.

  70. mog says:

    :) glad to give everyone a place to vent, …it is true, it is not really the accepted way of doing things, …but then I could start on the system of ‘estimated billing’ used by the utility companies, ..or better still, o2 business, who don’t even both to tell me when my bill is due and how much it is, ..and have relaunched a new system to allow you to manage your bill online, …only it doesn’t work (by their admission) …so it is my responsibility to phone them up monthly to check what my bill is before I can pay it. …but at least I can choose the day ;)

  71. mog says:

    I’m sorry you seem to have just fallen out of a time machine where the customer is a valued integral part of the business to be nurtured and respected :) …we should be happy they have not figured out how to just press a button when we don’t pay which disabled our identity chips and possible makes our left arm explode, …yet.

  72. steve says:

    Yes paypal sucks, I made a mistake of upgrading to merchant account. I did want to use their donate button, to help with some on the side projects im into. Originally I just used paypal connected to my green dot credit card,,simple enough. I was also originally verified as well. Then I get email my account is limited, all kinds of things to do to straight it out. I called them,,told them never mind,,remove merchant account and go back to what it used to be. They said they cant do that,,after alot of bs I said then close the account,,they said they cant do that. That I had to write a letter to so in so,, yada yada. And Im thinking I can send a message around the world by digital/computer in a few seconds and you trying to make me use snail mail when there is no need to. Total bs,,like I said paypal sucks.

  73. kar says:

    I did this and now I cannot list or revise any items until it is set up to automatic payment..WTF? I keep getting screwed over time and time again by ebay and paypal and im fed the fuck up!

  74. mog says:

    I know, ..after all of this ..I am also back to automated payments :(

  75. ToxicT says:

    Hmm….read the article and got excited that I could turn this off after being surprised one day. Sad to know there’s no way around it as of now :(

    I dont understand why they would do it this way, just take money without letting us know a specific date. Do this if you must eBay, I can understand why, but pick ONE day of the month to take fees and TELL us, so we know and can have our accounts ready.

    Everyone, sitting here ranting wont get our feelings to eBay. If you visit this page, write a little to eBay and let them know how we feel, and suggest a method that would make us comfortable. Lets get our voices heard!

  76. Blue Frog says:

    This has really helpful thanks.
    I was trying to cancel the auto payment from ebay but it asked me to pay the balance before i could. Instead i paid a penny and now it does seem to have cancelled the autopayment in ebay ( i also cancelled in paypal).

  77. Don draper says:

    Best way to avoid fake emails for the buyer and seller is using http://www.payvin.com easy and secure and prevents you from having to give out your email to make payments or receive them

  78. Ivan says:

    If you think paypal have treated you unfairly, you can take it up with the financial ombudsman just as you can do for any bank or insurance company
    It costs you nothing regardless of the outcome.

  79. David says:

    Just an update on this one… to remove the automatic payment (for PayPal) by eBay the instructions have changed slightly:

    1. Log in to PayPal
    2. Click “Profile”
    3. Click “My Money” (on the left)
    4. Across from “My preapproved payments” – click on “Update”
    5. Click on the “eBay” item you see.
    6. Click on “Cancel”

    After this you’ll receive an email from eBay confirming that your billing agreement has been cancelled.

    Hope that helps out!

  80. lydia says:

    im so glad i read this, i have ebay chasing me for my seller fees from an old account, i canceled the bank through paypal, and no longer need and most definitly do not want my ebay account – they now hassle me with a debt collector calling instead, but at least they cant take money all in one go whenever they feel like it, and i cant be charges by the bank anymore

  81. Ms. Ebay-er says:

    Thank you so much!
    I think you just saved me from having to use rent money to cover ebay fees, and I’d much rather be late on ebay fees than home.

  82. kate says:

    massive thankyou for this… i was billed by ebay money that wasnt even showing up in my account.. and like you funds are not always in place for automatic payments.. huge thankyou. i cancelled via paypal so heres hoping it works.

  83. Ivan says:

    I would have taken them to small claims court over the bank charges (after sending them a letter before action giving them a chance to settle), typically for the sort of amount you’re talking about it’s not worth paying the admin costs of litigation (just the travel and hotel expenses of sending someone to argue the toss in your local court will be a lot more than you bank charges), so you can expect them say they can’t refund anything UNTIL you serve them with a notice of claim, at which point they send you a letter saying here’s your money as a goodwill gesture.

    On the other hand if they do bother turning up I think you have a decent chance of winning on the grounds that they are legally required to give you notice (at least 10 days in advance for direct debits) of when the charges will be debited. This applies to both direct debits and continuous payment authority on debit cards. If you end up taking a day off work you also get to claim loss of earnings and travel costs to/from court, I’ve done this sort of thing with large companies that take the piss cos they think you won’t sue them and I’ve never lost.

  84. Kolphiataur says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. Paypal/Ebay withdrew money from my bank account and caused an overdraft I did know of until nearly 2 weeks after. My checking account has been closed due to that but Ill live. I just removed all my debit cards imformation from Paypal too.

    Thank You!

  85. Yvonne says:

    Thank you so much. Actually, just like you, I had to persevere both within eBay and PayPal to find out how to disable this immoral automatic rolling fee charges when items are not being sold!!!! Even following your clear instructions I had to do a workaround as the headers for finding the links have changed. I too am going off to console myself. Thanks a million. What a strange and increasingly greedy and immoral world we live in.

  86. diana says:

    Hi. Can you tell me if I will be able to sell when I remove automatic payments from ebay and paypal accounts? Thanks for help.

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