I have a constant need to see what my clients can see on their screens because as we all know clients are not the best at always being able to explain what is wrong in technical terms, however i have never favoured tools such as LogMeIn due to the need to install and sign up to the service putting a stumbling block in the path of solving the problem quickly.

There seems nothing less productive than creating a new problem in trying to solve an existing one, so i always revoked to Skype’s screen sharing, which for my clients who have the most problems was an optimum solution as they were very familiar with Skype.

However recently i have realised that not everyone is a Skype fan, as i have been providing more corporate consultancy, much to my surprise i learn that the corporate sector, or those i encounter within it, don’t use Skype …….but they still have problems they try and explain over the phone or via SMS./Email.

The solution is now easily within reach, a new service that makes the process of screening sharing and taking over the users mouse a pleasure rather than a chore.

To allow someone to take over you screen you simply make 2 clicks on the site and away you go, it generates a unique 9 digit number which you place in fornt of your url : and anyone who accesses this url whilst you keep you session open, can see you screen and take over with your permission.

You can download a tiny application if you use the service a lot and then you do not have to go back to the to share your screen, but it is not required.

It really is one of the most useful little tools i have discovered recently, …and is completely free.

Not to mention the fun you can have if you share and then view YOUR OWN screen :)

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