iPhone Battery drains way too quickly – FIXED

I have an iPhone 4 and i am well aware that smart phones do not have as good battery life as the old Nokia bricks we were all used to, however having had iPhone Edge, 3G and now a 4, i am well aware of the battery life of my iPhone and actually found the […]

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02 iPhone App mirrors level of service.

It has been a long time coming, but i was most pleased to day to check the appStore and noticed that there had been a new release from 02 (the exclusive iPhone carrier here in the UK) allowing you to monitor your minutes, bills and account from your phone.

Although a little overdue in my opinion it is still nice to see they have made the effort, …or so i thought.

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The Travesty of iPhone Tethering

I can tell you now, before you think this is nothing but a long rant leading nowhere, I am in fact writing this post from my garden, on my laptop, with wireless switched OFF.

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This site is not up to date. I really should take it down and make a new one as I have been busy with a lot of cool projects and clients recently, but currently do not have the time to rebuild it.

So, it stays here, but please note it has not been updated in a while and if you need to get in contact with me please just email me directly at mog@mogmachine.com or phone me on +44 (0)7960 214407.


Marcus (mog)