The Travesty of iPhone Tethering

I can tell you now, before you think this is nothing but a long rant leading nowhere, I am in fact writing this post from my garden, on my laptop, with wireless switched OFF.

Does this mean i am tethering successfully, well this is an interesting point, because after reading this statement by o2 I am somewhat guarded with what I state as fact.


I pay around £100 a month for my O2 contract, I am a business user, and O2 makes a nice amount of money from me when i go abroad through its roaming charges, even though when in the UK my calls to european landlines AND MOBILES are free !! (I have tried explaining that when i France calling France there is 50% less roaming required than when in the UK calling France, but i never seem to be able to get someone who gives a damn on the end of the phone).

This fee entitles me to my unlimited (subject to fair usage policy (an unknown amount around 1GB/month that even O2 refuse to pinpoint precisely)) data allowance which i use freely throughout the UK.

But, ..and here is evolution for you, I have a phone that allows me to view this unlimited data on a device of my choosing, ..amazing, ..forget Apples new landscape touch keyboard, I could actually use my keyboard, …or FTP, or code :)
…wait for it, …O2 say no. Well yes actually, ..for £14.98 a month.

Hold on a minute, what’s that, ..double charging for data. It would appear so.

I am not writing to grip about that, I hate o2, passionately, the only reason i am with them is clear, and the same as so many other iPhone users, ..give me back T-Mobile any day, ..17 years of custom with not an issue.

So why am i ranting, …just to help you out, ..i thought you might like to know where to get all this information from to tether your phone, …and then mention the odd pitfall i had along the way.

The best information i could find on the subject comes from here:


BUT, …i used the ‘contract’ profile, ..well i would have done, ..allegedly, had i attempted this, which of course i did not, …and then once the tethering is switched on your phone THEN plug it into your mac, ..NOT BEFORE.

Sometimes your mac will automatically detect the new network device, …but if it doesn’t, simply go to your network settings and add a new device, ..from the dropdown select “Ethernet Adaptor (en2)” ..this is the iphone.
Leave the settings as DHCP, ..then, ..and this is the part that had me scratching my nose for a bit, ..APPLY.
This will perform the necessary detect of the settings. UNTIL I DID THIS, IT WOULD NOT WORK.

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  1. lee turner says:

    the link above no longer works….

  2. mog says:

    thanks for spotting that, ..he alerted the url, .i have updated it.

    ..and why not put it again here too :


  3. free t-orange iphone says:

    Jsut want to let you know I found this really interesting :)

  4. mog says:

    you only found it interesting as a high page ranking site which would serve your budget phone selling site well to have a reciprocal link. …only i wasn’t born yesterday.
    Why don’t you spend your valuable time making your site actually better by adding useful content and offering services of value to users, .rather than just trying to make google think you are.

    I used to tell my students, it doesn’t matter how shiny your business card is, how big the sign outside your shop is, how many fliers you hand out, how good your window display is, …if once you get inside the truth is clear, ..the customer walks straight out again.

    I am leaving your comment as an example to deter others, ….you know what , ..i would have left your reciprocal link too if you actually had of contributed something positive to this topic.

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